Background to my MS Adventure

Hello. My name is Roger, Roger Southall.


I've been active in sales for all my career, in energy and security related products.


For a number of years I was working in America, in a senior role and life was good. I had visited over 30 states, had a good circle of friends and a love life that was perfect. In fact, life couldn’t really have been better and to a degree I was feeling good.


All this was about to change gradually as there were a few little incidents and feelings, that took place that were not the norm for someone who was reasonably fit and strong and had the ability to tackle most things with ease. I would often drive for long periods of time effortlessly; walk or run miles without a care and exercise daily (in the vain hope of looking good!)


The first thing I noticed was a strange tingling running through my body when looking to aim correctly when peeing - my chin was resting on my chest confirming the aim was good, away I went and a good aim was achieved but accompanied by this tingling sensation, not painful – in fact I’d go as far as to say it was almost pleasant! However this tingling did become increasingly frequent which I put down to getting older!!!


This blog is about my MS Adventure; how it started; how it affects my life; and how I deal with it.

I hope you find it interesting and I welcome your comments, thoughts, enquiries, and suggestions, which I will pass on as much as I can.


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